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Professional Speech Technology Specialists

Providing Dragon speech recognition & digital dictation products and services across Canada.

Catering to medical, legal, and professional users.

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Exceptional products. Outstanding training. Superior service.

Increase your productivity with Dragon speech recognition, digital voice dictation, and transcription solutions.

Harness the power of speech with Speakeasy Solutions.

Do you need more time in your day?

Dragon Medical & Professional speech recognition products accurately and quickly transcribe your voice in real time.

Voice commands enable you to perform tasks infinitely faster than with just a keyboard and mouse.

Do you need to dictate on the go?

Digital voice recorders enable you to dictate anytime, anywhere; after which your dictations are transmitted almost anywhere.

Transcription of your dictations is handled either by Dragon or a transcriptionist.

legal-solution Legal

Quickly and independently create memos & email with the freedom to work anytime, anyplace.

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medical-solution Medical

Improve workflow & quality of documentation within your EMR, resulting in enhanced patient care.

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professional-solution Business

Expand your work output, accomplish more in a day, and take control of your time spent in the office.

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assistive-solution Assistive

Augment accessibility and increase capabilities by effectively using a computer hands free.

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Why You Need Speech Recognition

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Require more control over document creation and email
  • Need to take notes while away from your computer
  • Must improve productivity and work output from applications that you use
  • Results of your dictated transcriptions are taking too long
  • Reduced support staff has increased your workload
  • Are concerned with RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Have physical limitations

Why You Need Digital Voice Dictation

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Traditional analog tape system requires replacing
  • Need to cut costs (fewer repairs, no tapes to replace, eliminate couriers)
  • Must save time (faster to scroll through digital than analog recordings)
  • Require faster turnaround time of transcriptions
  • Desire to improve recording quality of voice for more accurate transcription
  • Wish to use speech recognition to transcribe your voice recordings
  • Need to work effectively in multiple locations