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Dragon Medical & Professional Training Overview

Certified Dragon Trainer

Speakeasy Solutions are certified Nuance Dragon® Professional, Dragon® Medical One, and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition trainers.

Professional Credits

CME medical symbol

As an additional benefit of receiving training from Speakeasy Solutions, medical practitioners may claim one credit per hour of training from Speakeasy Solutions for self-directed activities.  For a complete solution, this equates to 6 credits.

Law Society of British Columbia CPD dragon professional legal

Under Practice Management, following onto the technology in a law practice category, Dragon training conducted by Speakeasy Solutions allows members of the Law Society of British Columbia to claim CPD credits for the courses: “Dragon Complete Training” (6 hours) and “Dragon Q&A Training” (2 hours).

One-On-One or Group

group Dragon trainingSpeakeasy Solutions highly recommends one-on-one training for most types of training sessions.

Group training sessions are possible when individuals in the group learn at approximately the same pace, and with the same objectives. A maximum of four to six people are accommodated within the group training session, although experience has shown smaller groups are the most effective.

Group sessions are very valuable with Complete and Q&A Training sessions as most individuals in an organization, corporation, clinic or law firm have the same questions or encounter the same challenges in using Dragon with their applications, workflow, and environment.  A group session resolves these concerns en masse.

Length of Sessions and Availability

To obtain the most from training (and develop a list of personal, pertinent questions for discussion) it is advisable to have some practice time between multiple sessions. Generally speaking, one week between sessions is advisable (longer, if needed for practice).

On-Site Sessions (Vancouver Area) on-site Dragon training

  • Monday through Friday
  • 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)
  • Two-hour sessions
  • Available between 1 and 2 weeks’ notice (depending on schedule coordination)

Remote Sessions (Canada-Wide) remote Dragon training

  • Monday through Friday (weekends, if possible)
  • 7:00 AM through 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)
  • 15 minute, 30 minute, one and two-hour sessions
  • Available same week or following week (depending on schedule coordination)

Training on Software Programs That You Use

If Speakeasy Solutions is unfamiliar with how a particular software program interacts with speech recognition, an investigation is undertaken prior to training or, time permitting, during an actual training session.  Speakeasy Solutions quickly determines the degree of compatibility between Dragon and your application (generally, a 5 to 15 minute exploration is sufficiently informative).

Speakeasy Solutions is well versed in using Dragon with all current and retired operating systems. Speakeasy Solutions is also very knowledgeable with respect to using speech recognition in an array of software programs such as:

  • Microsoft Office,
  • Many EMR systems (MedAccess, Osler, Accuro, Wolf, Plexia, iClinic, Jonoke, MOIS, OSCAR, Intrahealth, and more),
  • Legal industry specialty programs (i.e. Amicus Attorney, PC Law, and CaseMap),
  • Adobe software (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign),
  • QuickBooks,
  • Contact management programs (i.e. Maximizer, and ACT!),
  • Groupwise, etc.

Speakeasy Solutions focuses training on software programs you utilize and activities you perform within these programs. We cater specifically to your needs and desires. Training in this manner allows you to see the results you want more quickly and address issues that are important to you.

Speakeasy Solutions Training “Tips and Tricks” Workbooks

Speakeasy Solutions provides a main Training Workbook  for Dragon® Professional), written exclusively by Speakeasy Solutions. Our Training Workbook incorporates tips and tricks we have personally learned over our many years as speech recognition power users, arming you with the same knowledge from which to build.

Version after version of this Training Workbook has been influenced by our medical and legal clients, and we thank them for their continued input, allowing us to provide a resource guide specifically catering to the way doctors and lawyers work.

We teach the quickest and most efficient methods for using speech recognition in your everyday use. We also teach a multitude of methods affecting a variety of results — dependent upon your preferences and needs. We skip sections and information that is not relevant to you or your workflow, focusing on knowledge that will enhance your Dragon speech recognition experience.

This is a resource written by users with other users in mind.  Our clients continuously provide feedback, thereby improving future versions.  We have been training users in speech recognition since 2000 and strive to hone our skills, learn and adapt to our client’s continuously evolving needs.  Our training materials are a reflection of our desire to pass along truly useful information for users of speech recognition, regardless of their background and needs.

The Training Workbooks & Instructional Materials are available to clients who receive 6 hours of Complete Training or the 2 hour Upgrade Training from Speakeasy Solutions

Training in Your Environment

Speakeasy Solutions trains you in your environment and on your equipment. We believe it is important for you to receive personal training in a comfortable setting.

There may be a travel charge for those living outside of the core Vancouver region.

We accommodate out of town visitors to Vancouver wishing to bring their equipment to us for training, or those who wish to train on our equipment. We meet you at your hotel or local location.

We also offer remote training (a high speed internet connection is required and we highly recommend the use of a speaker phone), servicing clients all across Canada, from coast to coast.

Learn More about Speakeasy Solutions’ Training Offerings

learn more Dragon trainingDelivering personal training and guidance in the effective use of Dragon is at the very core of our business. As such, we have an array of training programs, supplemental documentation, and other offerings designed to ensure your continued use of Dragon.