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About Speakeasy Solutions

​Who We Are

Speakeasy Solutions 24 year anniversary badge

Speakeasy Solutions (based in Vancouver, BC Canada for 24 years and now in Digby, NS) is a full solution provider for speech recognition and digital dictation products. We offer products and related services to those in the medical, legal, and professional industries. As a result of two decades focusing on this specific technology, we are specialists in the field of voice transcription technologies.

We are dedicated to providing you with personal, professional, and honest service. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, providing expert support and information to maximize your use of dictation technologies.

You will quickly discover how speech recognition (also referred to as voice recognition), and digital voice dictation and transcription enhances your day-to-day operations and increases productivity.

Speakeasy Solutions continually researches dictation and associated technologies to ensure that you receive current information, and valuable assistance on a timely basis.

Custom Solutions

Your requirements are our priority.

Speakeasy Solutions is committed to providing a solution in concert with your requirements, ultimately saving you time and money.

Exceptional Products

Only the best in the industry will do.

Speakeasy Solutions offers top-of-the-line products within each category, confidently supplying you with reliable technology.

Superior Service

Providing for your particular needs.

Speakeasy Solutions maintains long-term relationships with clients, ensuring expert and responsive support whenever you need it most.

Outstanding Training

Delivering over two decades of experience.

Speakeasy Solutions is passionate about presenting personalized instruction regarding the use of Dragon in accordance with your workflow and needs.

What We Offer

Custom Solutions

  • Individual products (Dragon speech recognition software, microphones, digital voice recorders & transcribers)
  • Individual services (consultation, installation, configuration, customization, integration, training, and support) — for those in need of specific services at any time
  • À la carte packages (products plus select services such as installation, configuration and/or training) — for those who desire a little assistance
  • Complete package solutions (products, installation, complete training, and value added) — perfect for those wishing independence, peace of mind, and considerable support

Exceptional Products

  • Dragon Speech recognition software
  • Olympus & Philips digital voice recorders
  • Olympus & Philips digital transcription kits
  • Philips handheld microphones
  • Sennheiser headset microphones
  • Accessories for the above

Outstanding Training

  • Minimize your learning curve
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Enhance your technology skills
  • Achieve efficiency quickly
  • Dragon-certified trainers and expert users of assistive technologies

Superior Service

  • Consulting & assessments
  • Complete installation and setup
  • Solution customization & integration with other applications (i.e. EMRs)
  • Ongoing support for all solutions
  • Olympus Pro Audio Dealer and a Philips Master Digital Centre
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) & solution provider for Nuance’s Dragon® Professional and Dragon® Medical One

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Our Clients

Our clients span Canada from coast to coast (from British Columbia to Newfoundland).  They include:

  • Physicians (general practitioners, and medical specialists such as neurologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, and more)
  • Lawyers (individuals to large firms)
  • Insurance Adjusters and Inspectors
  • WorkSafeBC (their employees as well as their clients)
  • ICBC
  • Construction Managers
  • Professors and Educators
  • Students attending Public School through University
  • Insurance Companies (their employees as well as their clients)
  • Various Ministry and Government Offices
  • Business Owners and Managers
  • Writers
  • and more

Our History

In the late 1990s the future founders of Speakeasy Solutions were stricken with upper limb chronic repetitive stress injuries, placing their occupations on hold. Their careers spanning the fields of administration, IT/IS and law, as well as a life-long natural affinity for technology, paved the way towards the formation of a new and highly specialized vocation: speech recognition and digital voice dictation providers.

At the time, Dragon NaturallySpeaking was in its infancy (version 3 had just been released) and the first professional digital voice recorders were entering the market. A few companies in North America were offering these products and fewer still providing accompanying services.

Speakeasy Solutions was formed in 2000 with a sincere desire to provide quality dictation solutions to professionals and those with physical limitations. Speakeasy Solutions’ founding principles were:

  • Offer honest advice with the client’s best interests in mind
  • Provide excellent service that exceeds industry standards
  • Continually improve product and service offerings through ceaseless research in order to provide clients with “the best” products, support, and service possible

These are Speakeasy Solutions’ core values, and they always will be.

Our Future

Speakeasy Solutions continually researches developing and new voice technology products for the benefit of their current clientele (medical, legal, professional, and assistive). We test products for their fitness and usefulness.Our general philosophy is “If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it”.

While the founders of Speakeasy Solutions are permanently disabled from their upper limb injuries (circa 1990s), they are committed to providing speech technology solutions long into the future. It is an ever evolving and wonderfully helpful technology.