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Dragon Professional

Which Dragon Professional Product is Right For You?

There are two Dragon Professional products available, and they are:
► Dragon® Professional
► Dragon® Professional VLA

Most individuals (professionals and Canadian lawyers) are satisfied with Dragon® Professional . This product offers the creation of advanced voice commands for streamlining efficiencies, vocabulary optimization, and the transcription of individual voice files (usually from a digital voice recorder) into text.

However, for those individuals wishing to take advantage of the Roaming Dragon User Profile feature, which enables an assistant to proofread and improve the main speaker’s accuracy, then Dragon® Professional VLA is a considerable benefit.

For those individuals who require the use of Dragon via a Remote Desktop Protocol or Citrix virtualized environment, or the batch transcription of voice files (usually from a digital voice recorder) into text, then Dragon® Professional VLA should be considered.

Dragon® Professional VLA is also useful for those who wish to implement an enterprise deployment, with the option of a maintenance agreement. A volume license purchase is available.

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