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Digital Dictation Value Added

Complete Digital Voice Dictation Solution

Purchasing a complete solution from Speakeasy Solutions entitles clients to additional products and services (value adds), exclusive only to those purchasing this complete solution. A complete digital voice dictation solution comprises of:

  • A digital voice recorder kit,
  • Optionally, a digital transcriber kit,
  • Installation & configuration, and
  • If needed, orientation.

Explore the benefits of a Complete Solution.

Free Support

Receive 30 days of complimentary technical support if you require a refresher on topics covered during the orientation.

Recorder Replacement

Should your digital recorder require servicing, Speakeasy Solutions offers a loaner unit to maintain your productivity.

License Retention

Speakeasy Solutions retains all license and installation codes for your software in the off chance that they are misplaced.

Digital Dictation Solution Value Added

Free Support

Speakeasy Solutions provides 30 days of free technical support via telephone from the date of installation, ensuring you have peace of mind.

This complimentary support includes answering questions regarding the configured digital dictation solution as well as any recorder or transcriber hardware queries.

Recorder Replacement

For 1 year following the date of installation, Speakeasy Solutions offers a loaner digital voice recorder should yours requires servicing. Shipping and handling costs are additional.

This service enables you to continue working without disruption.

License Retention

speakeasy solutions value addedWhile Speakeasy Solutions replaces digital dictation and transcription workflow software any time, the included installation license codes are the true value. Over the years we have observed the inadvertent loss of license codes, and as such, retain these valuable licenses on behalf of our clients.

In your time of need, Speakeasy Solutions provides you with any required replacement software, as well as the original installation codes.

Extended Support Services

Digital Dictation Extended Support

Purchasing Digital Dictation Extended Support from Speakeasy Solutions ensures that you receive additional support time at a very special rate for 1 year following the date of its purchase.

Extended Digital Dictation Support must be purchased within 30 days of providing the original Digital Dictation Solution or within 30 days of the expiration of your existing Extended Digital Dictation Support.

Additional support hours may be purchased during an active support period and are active for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Instant Loaner Insurance Add-on

Speakeasy Solutions offers an Instant Loaner Insurance Add-on. If your digital recorder requires servicing (warranty or otherwise), Speakeasy Solutions provides you with a loaner recorder for the duration of the repair. Shipping and handling costs are additional.

Instant Loaner Insurance is complimentary for the first year after Speakeasy Solutions provides the original Complete Dictation Solution. Additional years are offered at current rates if desired.