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Microphones for Dragon Medical & Professional

Providing Some of the Best Microphones in Every Design

The quality of a microphone directly impacts the resulting speed and accuracy of Dragon’s transcription and comprehension.

As heavy daily users of Dragon, Speakeasy Solutions is adamant about providing microphones that we ourselves would or do use.

Microphones provided within Canada carry applicable warranties for our clients.


A high quality microphone is essential for accurate speech recognition.


A correct style of microphone matches your personal workflow and needs.

Digital (USB) vs Analogue Microphones

In the early days of speech recognition technology, there was a choice between digital and analogue microphones. While the choice is present today, most consumer and professional grade microphones are digital.

Speakeasy Solutions always recommends a USB microphone input solution for speech recognition as the quality and consistency of audio input is higher than that which can be achieved with an analogue microphone.

USB microphones pass the audio directly to your computer.  Analogue microphones pass through the computer’s sound card, which is usually not of sufficient quality and is impacted by the fluctuating heat output of the computer itself, leading to inconsistent results with Dragon.

Accuracy Hierarchy

microphone hierarchyAt one time, whether a microphone was wired or wireless impacted Dragon’s accuracy. This is not as critical today as a high-quality wireless microphone performs equally as well as a wired microphone. That said, Speakeasy Solutions does offer the following information (there are still exceptions to these guidelines):

  • As a general rule, DECT wireless microphone technology is superior to that of Bluetooth.
  • Unless properly and consistently positioned, desktop microphones are not as effective as a headset or properly held handheld microphone.
  • Digital array microphones and computer built in microphones generally do not provide the accuracy most users desire.
  • Noise cancelling microphones yield superior results over microphones without noise cancelling.

Quality Impacts Accuracy

Not all microphones are created equal and therefore not all input devices on the market are effective.

Speakeasy Solutions tests all microphones sold to ensure the microphones meet our stringent requirements and match your personal needs.

Changing Microphones with Dragon

Whenever you switch to a different microphone, select this microphone within the Manage Dictation Sources or Choose Microphone settings within Dragon. Speakeasy Solutions also suggests that you perform an audio check after having done so if you are not prompted.