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Digital Dictation Recorders and Transcription Solutions

Professional Digital Dictation Equipment

Power, flexibility, and familiarity are found within a professional digital dictation solution.

When you need to dictate on the go, no matter where you are in Canada or beyond, nothing is faster or more efficient than an effectively configured digital dictation solution.

Dictate Anytime & Anywhere

When you are out of your office, performing rounds, or find yourself with time between meetings, a digital voice recorder enables you to compose consults, notes, memos, and more.

Once complete, digital recordings are sent for transcription.

Transcribe by Dragon or Human

Digital recordings, received via several options (email, LAN, or FTP), are transcribed either by Dragon speech recognition or a human transcriptionist.

Custom workflows enable the inclusion of multiple transcriptionists, with or without Dragon, as best suits those involved.

Consumer vs Professional Quality

While digital recorders and transcribers are available through various office supply stores, these units and their accompanying software (if any) are not recommended by Speakeasy Solutions for those requiring flexibility in both the product and the workflow.

professional digital dictation solutionFeatures of a professional digital dictation solution:

  • Digital voice recorder has slide switch functionality, reminiscent of professional analog recorders.
  • High quality microphone element of the digital voice recorder provides clarity; necessary for Dragon speech recognition transcription.
  • Digital transcription foot switch functions, as well as playback features, are completely modifiable within the transcription software.
  • Powerful routing software, customizable for the most complex workflows required.

Use with Dragon

There are three Dragon speech recognition transcription options available for those using a digital voice recorder:

  1. Professional digital dictation software – Dragon transcription is performed directly within the dictation software according to the workflow rules configured within the dictation software.
  2. Dragon’s auto transcribe feature – Dragon automatically transcribes new dictations according to the workflow rules configured within Dragon.
  3. Dragon manual transcription – Transcribe one dictation at a time, as directed by the human transcriber.

Speakeasy Solutions assists you with respect to determining which Dragon transcription option best suits your specific needs.