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Canadian Province Word Lists for Dragon Medical & Professional

About the Dragon Canadian Word Lists

dragon word list canadaIn order to save our clients time with respect to adding words to their vocabulary, Speakeasy Solutions offers a variety of region appropriate (provincial) word lists. Words can be added in a variety of ways, but the most expedient is by way of an existing word list.

The Speakeasy Solutions word lists are useful for medical practitioners, lawyers, government employees, and other professionals.

Most of the word lists are in TXT format, while others are in XML format.  Where appropriate, spoken forms have been attributed to written forms (particularly with some Native Indian  and foreign words).

These word lists may be edited by the user either prior to importation, or after.

Cities & Towns

Cities and towns organized by province are included in these word lists. 

Medical & Legal

Several medical and legal related word lists are provided, organized by province.

Canadian Regions Available for Dragon Word Lists

In addition to several Canada wide (national) word lists, the following provinces are covered:

  • Alberta,
  • British Columbia,
  • Manitoba,
  • New Brunswick,
  • Newfoundland and Labrador,
  • Nova Scotia,
  • Northwest Territories,
  • Nunavut,
  • Ontario,
  • Prince Edward Island,
  • Province of Québec,
  • Saskatchewan, and
  • Yukon Territories.

Topics Available for Each Provincial Dragon Word List

law courtsThe word lists have been compiled to the best of Speakeasy Solutions’ abilities, and may contain some omissions or errors.

Please report any such concerns or issues directly to Speakeasy Solutions, so that corrections can be made.  Thank you.

The following topics are available for each province:

  • All cities, towns, and regions,
  • Courts of law,
  • Law enforcement agencies,
  • Government ministries and agencies,
  • Legal organizations,
  • Medical residential care facilities, and
  • Major medical facilities (hospitals, clinics etc.).

Availability of the Canadian Provincial Word Lists for Dragon

Speakeasy Solutions’ Canadian word lists are available to clients of Speakeasy Solutions who:

  • Receive a Complete Speech Recognition Solution (Dragon, plus a microphone or digital voice recorder, plus installation, plus 6 hours of Complete Training),
  • Receive a Complete Upgrade Package (Dragon Upgrade, plus installation, plus 2 hours of Upgrade Training), or
  • Purchase Dragon from Speakeasy Solutions.

The Canadian word lists are complimentary for those who receive a Complete Package Solution from Speakeasy Solutions, and otherwise available for purchase by those who have received a Dragon product from Speakeasy Solutions.

Learn More about Speakeasy Solutions’ Value Added

speakeasy solutions value added Speakeasy Solutions offers useful additional items and services, designed to minimize your learning curve and boost adoption with Dragon. After sale and implementation assistance is paramount for continued and effective use of your Dragon solution.