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Comparing Dragon Medical & Professional Editions for the PC

dragon medical professional comparisonDragon Edition Feature Comparison

Dragon® Professional, Dragon® Legal, and Dragon® Medical One have extensive customization, features, and deployment capabilities, enabling busy users to get more done in less time without changing their workflow.

If you are uncertain which edition of Dragon would best accommodate your needs, please contact Alexandria of our office at 604-264-9109 (toll free 1-888-964-9109) ext. 102. or arrange a pre-sales consultation online.

Which Edition of Dragon Is Right for You

Consider the following information when selecting between Dragon Medical and Dragon Professional/legal products.

dragon medical

Dragon Medical

Canadian medical practitioners use Dragon Medical One.

Dragon Medical One

As a result of enhanced features, medical practitioners would be best served using Dragon Medical One.

  • Highest accuracy possible with a continually updated application core and vocabularies.
  • Minimal PC technical requirements allows use of older computers.
  • Unlimited installations on Windows PCs.
  • Use anywhere you have internet and access to a Windows computer with one single user profile stored in the cloud.

Dragon Legal & Professional

Canadian lawyers and non-medical professionals are best served by employing the appropriate Dragon Professional edition. An individual, firm, or company’s requirements dictate the optimal edition. Briefly…

dragon legal

Dragon Legal

Speakeasy Solutions does not recommend the Dragon Legal products; instead, purchase Dragon® Professional (Individual or Group, accordingly). Why?

  • The Legal editions of Dragon provide an American legal vocabulary, not Canadian.

Dragon Legal

  • The Legal and General Vocabularies contain American spelling, and not Canadian.
  • The Professional editions are fully capable of adapting to a Canadian lawyer’s vocabulary.
  • The Legal edition is more costly than the Professional edition.
dragon professional

If the features indicated below under Dragon Professional Group are required, consider the purchase of Dragon Professional Group. Otherwise, Dragon Professional Individual satisfies.

Dragon Professional Group

  • An assistant is providing Dragon proofreading support.
  • A volume license purchase is desired.
  • A maintenance agreement is needed.

Dragon Professional Individual

  • All other circumstances.

Dragon Professional Detailed Comparison

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Dragon® Professional Comparison

  • DPI = Dragon® Professional Individual
  • DPG = Dragon® Professional Group

High recognition accuracy as a result of Nuanced Deep Learning technology
Roaming Dragon User Profiles enable users and their assistants to access the main speaker's Dragon User Profile on any networked computer enabling more efficient document creation
Dynamic Roaming Dragon User Profiles enable users to easily dictate on any shared computer by way of the NMC*
Transcribe individual voice files into text
Batch transcription of voice files into text
Create advanced custom commands to streamline workflow
Manage advanced custom commands enterprise wide through the NMC*
Add custom words and import word lists
Manage custom words and word lists enterprise wide through the NMC*
Voice to text of any length on iOS and Android devices via Dragon Anywhere (additional fees)
Manage Dragon Anywhere Group* (voice to text of any length on iOS and Android devices) through the NMC*(additional fees)
Support for Remote Desktop Protocol & Citrix virtualized environments
Volume licensing available
Maintenance agreement available (additional fees)
Central administration through the NMC*

*According to PIPEDA law, you are responsible for all information transmitted. At this time, the NMC and Dragon Anywhere components are hosted on servers in the United States of America. Once information is transmitted into the United States of America, it falls under the jurisdiction of that country (including the Patriot Act).