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Dragon Medical & Professional Purchasing Solutions & Options

Three Speakeasy Solutions Dragon Solutions Available

dragon medical professional 3 purchasing solutionsSpeakeasy Solutions provides as much or as little assistance as you desire.

You may know precisely what you wish, and we provide the items you specifically request, delivering Canada-wide.

You may wish some assistance with setting up and learning your Dragon solution, or perhaps you do not have the time to spend configuring Dragon and learning how Dragon functions most advantageously with your applications and workflow, or perhaps you wish complete peace of mind knowing that you have reliable and knowledgeable support.

Regardless of your goals, Speakeasy Solutions has a Dragon solution for you.

If you feel that you might benefit from a discussion regarding various options (microphones, digital voice recorders, installation, training & support services), a pre-sales consultation by way of a telephone call is quite helpful.

Complete Solution

A comprehensive package solution incorporating installation, training, and support services to put your mind at ease.

Designed to have you up and running efficiently as soon as possible, while also providing you with pertinent knowledge to achieve the most from your Dragon solution.

À La Carte Solution

An introductory package solution where you select the products and services you wish.

Created for those who wish only the basic understanding of a speech recognition solution or who already have experience with configuring and using Dragon Medical or Professional.

Product Solution

A product only solution, providing you with the products you wish. If desired, support and training services are available any time after purchase.

For those who are content or have the time to self teach, or who have considerable experience already with configuring and using Dragon.

For New Users of Dragon

For those about to purchase a Dragon solution, Speakeasy Solutions provides the following package options:


À La Carte

Individual Products

For Existing Users of Dragon

Regardless of when you purchased Dragon, or the type of package previously purchased, Speakeasy Solutions provides the following at any time:


Individual Products

Individual Services

Comparison of Speakeasy Solutions’ Speech Recognition Solution Packages for New Users

Below is a comparison chart for the three different package solutions offered by Speakeasy Solutions to new users of Dragon Professional.

The purchase of Dragon Medical One includes a combined two-hour installation & overview appointment (additional training in the use of the application is available at current rates), and free ongoing technical support.

  • SeS = Speakeasy Solutions supplied
  • ✓ = part of package solution (pricing varies based on software and hardware selections)
  • O = optional
  • $ = available for additional purchase
  • NR = not relevant
  • N/A = not available in package solution

Item or ServiceCompleteÀ La CarteProduct
Dragon Professional
Appropriate microphone and/or digital voiceOO
Installation, optimization, and configuration of Dragon solution (including roaming if multiple PCs are involved)ONR
SeS province specific word lists (city & region names, medical facilities, legal organizations etc.)$$
SeS custom voice commands (additional convenience commands for general Dragon use)$$
SeS voice command samples (popular commands among clients requiring some customization)$$
Complimentary remote technical support per Speakeasy Solutions’ Terms & ConditionsN/AN/A
Discount on Support services not covered by the Terms & Conditions.N/AN/A
3 two-hour Complete Training sessions (6 hours)NRNR
1 two-hour Introductory Training session (additional sessions arranged if desired)NRNR
SeS signature Training Workbook (resource materials)N/AN/A
Quick how-to answers by emailN/AN/A