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Legal Speech Technology Solutions

Productivity Enhancing Solutions

Technology advances move quickly within the legal practice, and with this is a barrage of email that can ultimately be counterproductive. For the lawyer, it seems that there is never enough time in a day.

Wrangle Email

Rapidly create and respond to the ever-present deluge of email by voice.

Flexible Dictation

Dictate drafts, documents, memos and more directly into your PC or a digital voice recorder.

Optimize Workflow

Increase workflow efficiencies, accomplishing more in a single day.

Dragon Speech Recognition

Speech recognitionDragon Professional (Legal is unnecessary for Canadian lawyers) enables legal professionals to create documents, send and manage email, and control their PC desktop and applications almost entirely by voice.

Dragon is three times faster than typing and delivers up to 99% accuracy (100% if you are particularly dedicated). Whether you work at a law firm or in a corporate legal department, Dragon Professional is the ideal solution for reducing both transcription costs and reliance on support staff, while dramatically speeding document turnaround.

Dragon Professional (for Law Firms) With & Without Digital Voice Dictation

Organized below is a flowchart outlining the use of Dragon Professional speech recognition in the office, or outside of the office with a digital voice recorder.

Some lawyers wish to control some or all aspects of email and document generation.  Others are far too busy to spend any time proofreading (editing their misspoken words or correcting Dragon’s transcription errors).

Regardless of the level of involvement, Dragon Professional speech recognition saves a lawyer time, offers more control, and assists in completing various tasks more quickly.

Additional Speech Recognition Resources

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Digital Voice Dictation

Digital voice dictationPractices are finding that their analogue dictation and transcription systems have become increasingly prone to breakdowns and require frequent maintenance. At the same time, firms are expanding, lawyers are increasingly working from home, and sharing more support staff.

Managing dictation can be a difficult task. Implementing an easy to manage and expandable digital dictation solution, increases staff productivity, streamlines dictation processes and improves document workflow.

Additional Digital Voice Dictation Resources

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Combining Dragon Speech Recognition & Digital Voice Dictation

Speech recognition and digital voice dictationWhen these two productivity enhancing technologies are combined, the solution offers the utmost flexibility for legal practitioners.  While in the office, email and documents are created directly and in real time on the author/speaker’s computer.  While out of the office, a digital voice recorder captures letters, memos, and even lengthy documentation.

The resulting recording is sent via email, FTP, or LAN (when back in the office) to a specific recipient who then transcribes the dictation in conjunction with speech recognition.  Such digital dictations are automatically transcribed by Dragon as well, if desired.  A well-planned workflow solution allows for seamless integration of these two technologies, providing the users a true competitive advantage.

Additional Combined Solution Resources

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Literature Downloads...

Literature Downloads PDF download

Although some of these articles were written some years ago, many of the points are still valid today.

Speakeasy Solutions Blog Posts...

Speakeasy Solutions Blog Posts speakeasy solutions blog

The following blog posts outline information pertaining to a combined solution for the Legal industry.

Transcription Technology Video Presentation

A Speakeasy Solutions presentation on Transcription Technologies in the Law Firm. This video is based on a presentation Alexandria Carstens gave before an audience of Legal office professionals of years ago; the substance of which is still quite valid today.

The focus of the presentation is to provide an overview regarding the various transcription solutions available, incorporating Dragon speech recognition and/or a professional dictation solution (Olympus or Philips).

While a lengthy video, it does move fairly quickly in order to cover as many pertinent points as possible.