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Dragon Medical & Professional Integration & Customization

Taking Dragon to the Next Level

save time and money with DragonDragon® Medical One and Dragon® Professional are very exciting technologies, however, many users explore the voice to text features only, never venturing beyond Dragon’s most basic usefulness.

On the other hand, the adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” rings very true when using Dragon. Speakeasy Solutions also believes that technology should adapt to your needs, and if it does not consistently perform, the technology is often abandoned or its use never developed further.

While it does take a some effort and time to wrangle Dragon to your will, these efforts are rewarded greatly with increased productivity.

Customize Dragon's Vocabulary

Save time and potential frustration.

Imbue Dragon’s vocabulary with your writing style, words and phrases that you use every day, and you will be one step closer to 100% accuracy.

Create Dragon Voice Commands

Increase every day efficiencies.

Have Dragon perform mundane and repetitive tasks for you in a fraction of the time that you would normally take, and you will discover improved productivity.

Customize Dragon’s Vocabulary

Vocabulary enhancements and customization increases speech recognition accuracy and diminishes the need for investing valuable time in fine-tuning the vocabulary via other methods.  A vocabulary is not just a list of words, but a statistical database of word usage.  When a vocabulary has been adapted to a specific user, the resulting increase in accuracy is tremendous.

Individual Dragon user single

Speakeasy Solutions tailors your vocabulary specifically to you by utilizing several of the accuracy improvement features within Dragon.

This is useful for individuals who do not have time to perform these tasks themselves and for installations involving multiple users.  Vocabulary enhancements are also discussed as part of Speakeasy Solutions’ training sessions.

Organization Dragon users group

If you are part of an organization or group of individuals using very specific terms or word modifications (i.e. “v.” to appear when you say “versus”, and “labour” when you say “labor”, “o.d.” when you say “OD” [as opposed to “right eye”, which Dragon® Medical Practice Edition insists upon] etc.), you benefit from the creation of a customized vocabulary specific to your requirements. 

This vocabulary is distributed organization-wide, forming a solid basis for a user’s vocabulary, which in turn, is further customized for the individual user.

Create Shared Word Lists

share Dragon word lists Creating a customized word list for distribution among Dragon users at an office, firm, or clinic saves everyone time.  Quite frequently users share common capitalized phrases (i.e. “Lions Gate Hospital”, and “Labour Relations Board” etc.), and acronyms (i.e. ICBC, BCIT, and BCLRB etc.).  There may also be common referring physician names or clients, or even programming languages required.

Distributing such a group specific word list enhances the experience of the users and saves them considerable time that they would spend performing such modifications themselves.  Create multiple word lists for further fine-tuning among sub-groups of individuals.

Speakeasy Solutions creates these lists for your organization, or guides you through custom word list creation, distribution and maintenance during a Technical Training session.

Custom Voice Commands

Custom voice commands are designed to minimize the amount of time a task takes.  While Dragon provides hundreds of voice commands, there are also many application features that do not have associated voice commands (i.e. highlighting text a specific colour in MS Word, applying customized styles in MS Word, or pressing various keyboard shortcuts multiple times).

These custom commands tremendously benefit those with physical limitations as well as those who wish to increase their productivity.

Some examples of possible custom command creation include:

  • Creating a new document based on a Microsoft Word template,
  • Streamlining workflow and organization within Microsoft Outlook (i.e. moving email to a folder, forwarding an email to another person with a short note),
  • Forwarding a specific type of email to an assistant with instructions,
  • Boilerplate text,
  • Performing repetitive calculations in Microsoft Excel,
  • Navigating and accessing regions of the Internet or intranet as quickly as possible, and
  • Speeding up your general computer use.

Speakeasy Solutions creates custom voice commands for you, or you can be taught how to create these commands yourself in a training session.

In a large organization where the same software programs are used, sharing these commands with coworkers saves time and improves productivity.

Speech-Enabling Applications

create custom Dragon voice commandsHaving a software program (i.e. DOS based, or custom database), EHR/EMR (electronic health record/electronic medical record) application, or legal time keeping or case management application fully speech-enabled with intuitive voice commands allows you to access the program’s features more quickly and work more efficiently.

Speakeasy Solutions creates custom voice commands for general or specific use with a software program. A speech-enabling analysis is required prior to the construction of an extensive custom voice command speech pack. During the process of command creation, someone conversant with the software and the methods with which it will be used is required to answer queries and offer clarification.

Speech-enabling allows a user to:

  • Navigate programs not supported by Dragon (out-of-the-box),
  • Rapidly perform processes within the software program, and
  • Dictate in programs not supported by Dragon (out-of-the-box).

The custom voice command speech pack created is distributed among multiple users in the same organization.

Learn More about Speakeasy Solutions’ Training Offerings

learn more Dragon trainingDelivering personal training and guidance in the effective use of Dragon is at the very core of our business. As such, we have an array of training programs, supplemental documentation, and other offerings designed to ensure your continued use of Dragon.