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Speech Recognition & Digital Dictation Services

A Full Spectrum of Assistance

Speakeasy Solutions’ primary goal is to ensure that you receive an outstanding speech recognition, digital voice dictation and/or transcription solution that is reflective of your needs and in concert with your desired work methodology.

We provide as much or as little assistance as you desire. You may know precisely what you wish, and we will provide the items you specifically request. If you feel that you might benefit from a discussion regarding various options, an initial consultation by way of a telephone call would be quite helpful.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we provide products within Canada only (due to product warranty regulations) & services across Canada and throughout the United States of America.

Dragon® Medical & Professional Services

Consultation, installation, & configuration for single user offices through multiuser offices.
Training and support for minor needs through the most advanced requirements.

Digital Dictation Services

Workflow analysis & deployment from small offices to large multilocation offices.
Support and expansion of an existing solution for even the most complex scenarios.

Remote Services

Across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland; our desktop to yours.
All services are available remotely, no matter where you are (even when you leave the country for work or holiday).

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments for all services are available on-site (Vancouver area) or remote (across Canada).
Flexible times are available in most circumstances.

We Offer:

  • Speakeasy Solutions ServicesIndividual products (Dragon software, microphones, digital recorders & transcribers)
  • Individual services (consultation, installation, configuration, customization, training and support) — for those in need of specific services
  • À la carte packages (products plus select services such as installation, configuration and/or training) — for those who desire a little assistance
  • Complete package solutions (products, installation, complete training, and value added) — perfect for those wishing independence, peace of mind and considerable support

Speakeasy Solutions’ Services


Speakeasy Solutions provides consultative services in order to determine your speech recognition and digital voice dictation needs. It is imperative to perform an investigation or review of your existing workflow in order to provide you with an effective dictation and transcription solution.


Speakeasy Solutions offers an on-site demonstration and initial consultation of its dictation solutions for a small fee. If within the Vancouver region, Speakeasy Solutions will meet with you at your location and provide a demonstration of speech recognition and/or digital voice dictation.

If you are outside of Vancouver, a complimentary telephone consultation is quite sufficient for establishing your optimal solution. We will also provide you with a remote demonstration, if required.  For a remote demonstration, you view the demonstration on one of our computers from one of your computers.  Therefore, a high speed Internet connection is essential.  There is no fee for remote demonstrations and consultations.

At your convenience, view our Video Demonstrations.


Speakeasy Solutions is familiar with the potential complexities of installing both digital voice dictation and speech recognition related hardware and software. Avoid unnecessary downtime and product performance complications by having Speakeasy Solutions perform the installation and configuration of these items.


Speakeasy Solutions’ training services ensures that you are armed with the knowledge to successfully use the provided technologies.

Why Choose Speakeasy Solutions for Training?

  • Minimize the learning curve,
  • Maximize your productivity, and
  • Learn according to your computer use.


Speakeasy Solutions offers technical support by way of telephone, email, remote, and in person. Various support service packages are available, some included with a complete package solution.

Availability of Services

Speakeasy Solutions cannot emphasize enough the importance of our services towards the successful use of speech recognition and digital voice dictation technologies.

If services are not arranged at the outset of product provision, please contact us at any time should you encounter challenges for the purposes of setup, training or support.

For those who wish very specific or a small amount of assistance with their product purchase, we offer an à la carte solution — you pick and choose your desired level of services according to your needs and budget.

And for those who desire a complete care package, there are benefits in the value adds when we provide a complete package solution (product & service) at the outset.  This is the most popular solution chosen by our clients.

On-Site Service Regions

Some on-site service regions include (but are not limited to):

  • Squamish
  • Lions Bay
  • West Vancouver
  • North Vancouver
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Pitt Meadows
  • Maple Ridge
  • Langley
  • Surrey
  • Abbotsford
  • Mission
  • Chilliwack
  • White Rock
  • Delta
  • Richmond
  • New Westminster
  • Burnaby
  • UBC
  • Vancouver

Some locations will incur a non-refundable time and mileage charge.

Speakeasy Solutions is also available for on-site services to destinations reachable by flight.

Remote Services

In lieu of on-site services, Speakeasy Solutions provides remote services (telephone and Internet) for your solution.  Some remote services may require the installation of a remote screen viewer (Speakeasy Solutions guides you through this process), enabling us to temporarily view your computer’s Windows screen. It is absolutely imperative that your computer have a high speed internet connection for this purpose. Furthermore, if you are behind a firewall or company network, contact your IT/IS support staff and ask them to make any preparations necessary for the installation and use of a remote screen viewer.