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Dragon Medical for PC

Dragon Medical One Upgrade Special until 12-30-22

Dragon Medical for Individual Practitioners and Multi-Physician Clinics

Dragon Medical for the PC is a locally-installed, affordable, real-time speech recognition solution that helps clinicians dictate in their own words anywhere in the EMR—faster and more accurately than ever before. Dragon Medical allows clinicians to securely capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently to speed productivity, support thorough documentation and ease EMR usability.

Dragon Medical PC Software Products

Speakeasy Solutions assists medical practitioners with speech-enabling clinical documentation, supporting more efficient, higher quality, and more profitable care.

Speakeasy Solutions provides the following Dragon Medical for PC products:

Benefits of Dragon Medical

Free-form Narration

Dictate in your own words within an EMR or as part of a template.

Patient specific narration increases the quality and value of documentation, providing the most complete reporting possible.

Template Use

Create templates with headings.

Save time by employing templates (aka macros or boilerplate text) with repetitious headings or text for SOAP notes, new consults and medicolegal reports.

Custom Commands

Create and use Dragon Medical custom voice commands.

Increase efficiencies with voice commands for navigating your EMR, starting a new consult based on an EMR’s template, and much more.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition & Dragon Medical One Detailed Comparison


Should you have any questions not answered in the comparison below, or require any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

Purchase optionsSubscription, 1 year agreement.Outright purchase.
License availabilitySingle user.Single user.
Installations / activations permissibleUnlimited.Up to 4 computer activations concurrently.
Technical requirementsAny reasonable Windows PC with Internet access.High requirements for best success.
Internet requirementsInternet access required for use.Internet access required only for activation.
Mac computer useUse Mac to remote view a Windows PC with DMO installed and using smart phone's microphone.
Run Boot Camp or Parallels Windows OS on Mac computer.
Run Boot Camp or Parallels Windows OS on Mac computer.
Remote / virtual environmentSeveral options to accomplish fairly easily.A couple of options, some more finicky than others.
Application size & location100 to 250 MB on each computer.4 GB (with user profile).
Installation timeDepending on Internet speed, 5-10 minutes.Depending on computer speed, 20-45 minutes.
Microphone inputLocal microphone and/or Smartphone.Local microphone.
Dragon user profile locationCloud server.Local or networked computer.
BackupsAutomatically performed on cloud.Local machine, managed by user or IT staff.
Synchronization of user profile across multiple computersYes, all computers.Only networked computers using Dragon roaming user profile feature.
UpdatesOngoing and continuous.Infrequent.
UpgradesOngoing with subscription.For purchase; new user profile creation suggested for best use.
AccuracyHigh accuracy and automatic accent detection.Good accuracy.
Teaching Dragon (1)Correction, training, and vocabulary word modification.Correction, training, vocabulary word modification, and writing style optimization.
Editing text (2)Multiple most useful voice commands available.Numerous voice commands available.
Custom command types (3)Text, Advanced Step by Step.Text, Step by Step, and Advanced Scripting.
Built-in commands (4)The most used and necessary.Numerous, including Microsoft Office.
Vocabularies (5)Approximately 10, dynamic, continuously updated and refined.Approximately 90, static until new version.
Vocabulary refiningYes.Yes.
Browser compatibilityInternet Explorer and Google Chrome.Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
Transcription from digital voice recordings.No.Yes.
Save voice dictation in MS Word or DragonPad documents with a microphone for the purpose of assistant proofreading.No.Yes.

(1) If accustomed to DMPE, a slightly different process is used in DMO for correction.

DMO is more accurate than DMPE so there will be fewer corrections. For particularly problematic word(s), both DMO and DMPE may struggle and further vocabulary refining is necessary.

(2) The editing command set for DMO and DMPE are almost exactly the same. The most notable absence in DMO is the “delete (word(s))” command. In order to delete words in DMO select the word(s) in question and issue the “delete that” command followed by the “go back” command.

(3) The absence of Advanced Scripting is unnoticeable in DMO. The advanced step-by-step command within DMO enables you to run other commands during specific steps; this option is not available in DMPE.

(4) In order to streamline the efficacy of DMO, built-in commands for Microsoft Office are absent. That said, should you require voice command functionality in Microsoft Office, the creation of a step-by-step command will satisfy these requirements.

(5) Despite far fewer vocabularies available in DMO, the effect on accuracy is not noticeable. The following vocabularies are available in DMO:

  • General Medicine
  • Clinical Administration (a non-medical General Vocabulary)
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency
  • Internal Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery

View a list of Dragon Medical Practice Edition specialty vocabularies.

Why a Dragon Medical Solution from Speakeasy Solutions Is Right for You

Superior Service

At Speakeasy Solutions it’s all about the customer experience. With more than 19 years of experience in speech recognition support, we are committed to user adoption.

Firmly believing that technology should adapt to a medical office (not the other way around), we match Dragon Medical One and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition to your workflow.

Customized Solutions

Speakeasy Solutions consults with you before the actual sale, ensuring you receive the products and services that you truly need for your current office and workflow.

Our expert staff integrates the software to be the perfect solution for your individual practice with a free needs analysis to determine the extent of customization and training necessary.

With our exceptional service and support after the sale, we make sure Dragon Medical One and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition continuously adapts to your changing needs.

Technical Support

With a Complete Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Solution Package, Speakeasy Solutions extends complimentary remote technical support after installation and setup, ensuring you have peace of mind. Dragon Medical One solutions automatically it’s include remote technical support.

What can go wrong? Dragon user profiles may become corrupt, or patches do not install correctly, or a microphone may act up. A Windows OS, or Microsoft Office, or Web Browser (important for those using web-based EMRs) update may cause temporary issues with Dragon. We are here for you.

Province Specific Word Lists

With a Complete Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Solution Package, Speakeasy Solutions provides province specific word lists incorporating medical phrases commonly used so you do not have to add these yourself. Lists include hospital and clinic names, as well as cities and towns.

These word lists reduce time spent in setting up your Dragon User Profile.

Quick Dragon How-to Answers

Once you have finished Complete Training with Speakeasy Solutions, you may find yourself stuck or needing a quick answer to a question regarding Dragon® Medical Practice Edition use.

Email Speakeasy Solutions with your question(s) and you will receive an answer.

This complimentary service does not include material not covered during the original training sessions and a follow-up training session is suggested for queries that extend beyond a quick how-to response.

Word Templates for DMPE

These samples and explanatory documentation are useful for those who utilize MS Word (in lieu of or in addition to an EMR).

Included are 12 pages of instructions, an annotated sample and 4 MS Word template samples. This material is made available prior to the first training session with a brief telephone consult suggested and integration to take place during one of the initial training sessions.

Exceptional Training

Speakeasy Solutions is an authorized Dragon Medical One and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition trainer. We offer training materials designed for the efficient use of Dragon that no one else can – like our custom created Dragon Training Workbooks, invaluable tools for quick tips, shortcuts and top commands.

Each version of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition prompts the complete revision of our ~300 page Dragon Training Workbook, ensuring our clients are kept up to date with the latest best use practices for Dragon in their clinic.

EMR Adoption

Speakeasy Solutions is conversant in the most widely used Canadian EMRs, such as:

Our expert staff accelerates the integration of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition to match your current workflow.

Microphones & Digital Recorders

We help you install and configure your choice of input devices (microphones and/or digital recorders) to maximize the benefits of Dragon Medical One and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition .

Ready-to-use Voice Commands

The implementation of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is enhanced by the creation of custom voice commands. Custom commands allow you to navigate and enter data into an EMR faster than you can manually. With a Complete Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Solution Package, you receive a series of voice commands that makes Dragon® Medical Practice Edition easier and more efficient.

Additionally included is a set of editable commands (templates, if you will) for you to customize, increasing your efficiencies even further.

Philips SpeechMike Guides

Speakeasy Solutions optimizes the Philips SpeechMike settings and configuration file in concert with the most popular and useful options, based on many years of working with medical practitioners. These settings are further customized to the user’s needs during training. Also included is an 44 page guide, Using the Philips SpeechMike with Dragon.

CME Credits

As an additional benefit of receiving training from Speakeasy Solutions, medical practitioners claim one CME credit per hour of training from Speakeasy Solutions for self-directed activities. For a complete solution, this equates to 6 credits.