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Dragon® Professional 16 for PC

Dragon Professional for Lawyers, Business, and Accessiblity

dragon professional legal The fastest way to streamline legal documentation and improve costs, simply by speaking. Whether buying for individual use or your small practice, legal professionals can save time creating contracts, briefs and other legal documents, reduce transcription costs and improve overall practice productivity—all by voice.

dragon professional business Put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with the all-new Dragon Professional. With a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, you can now dictate and transcribe faster and more accurately than ever before, and spend less time on documentation and more time on activities that boost the bottom line.

dragon professional accessibility Dragon Professional has become an invaluable tool for people with accessibility issues that can make typing difficult or painful. Take away the mechanical aspects of typing and let users create and edit documents, send email, or search the web with unparalleled speed, ease, and comfort – simply by speaking. Custom voice commands further reduce reliance on mouse and keyboard.

Dragon Professional PC Software Products

Speakeasy Solutions assists individual lawyers, law firms, businesses. and those with physical limitations to capitalize on Dragon Professional’s powerful offerings; voice to text and time-saving voice commands.

Speakeasy Solutions provides the following Dragon Professional for PC products:

Benefits of Dragon Professional

Speed & Accuracy

Dictate over 140 words per minute with amazing accuracy.

Create and respond to email of any length infinitely faster than with mouse and keyboard. Yes, you can clear out that inbox.


Work independently, without the need to rely on support staff.

Eliminate long turnaround times for document creation, and the need for ongoing edits. Be productive any time!

Custom Commands

Create and use Dragon Professional custom voice commands.

Increase efficiencies with voice commands for controlling your email, creating new documents, and much more.

Which Dragon Professional Product is Right For You?

There are two Dragon Professional products available, and they are:

  • Dragon® Professional Individual
  • Dragon® Professional Group

Most individuals (professionals and Canadian lawyers) are satisfied with Dragon® Professional Individual. This product offers the creation of advanced voice commands for streamlining efficiencies, vocabulary optimization, and the transcription of individual voice files (usually from a digital voice recorder) into text.


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However, for those individuals wishing to take advantage of the Roaming Dragon User Profile feature, which enables an assistant to proofread and improve the main speaker’s accuracy, then Dragon® Professional Group Enterprise is a considerable benefit.

For those individuals who require the use of Dragon via a Remote Desktop Protocol or Citrix virtualized environment, or the batch transcription of voice files (usually from a digital voice recorder) into text, then Dragon® Professional Group Enterprise should be considered.

Dragon® Professional Group is also useful for those who wish to implement an enterprise deployment, with the option of a maintenance agreement. A volume license purchase is available. There is also the option of managing various aspects of each user’s Dragon User Profile such as voice commands, word lists, and more via Nuance’s Management Centre, which is hosted in the United States of America*.

Dragon® Professional 16 Comparison

  • DPI = Dragon® Professional Individual
  • DPG = Dragon® Professional Group

High recognition accuracy as a result of Nuanced Deep Learning technology
Roaming Dragon User Profiles enable users and their assistants to access the main speaker's Dragon User Profile on any networked computer enabling more efficient document creation
Dynamic Roaming Dragon User Profiles enable users to easily dictate on any shared computer by way of the NMC*
Transcribe individual voice files into text
Batch transcription of voice files into text
Create advanced custom commands to streamline workflow
Manage advanced custom commands enterprise wide through the NMC*
Add custom words and import word lists
Manage custom words and word lists enterprise wide through the NMC*
Voice to text of any length on iOS and Android devices via Dragon Anywhere (additional fees)
Manage Dragon Anywhere Group* (voice to text of any length on iOS and Android devices) through the NMC*(additional fees)
Support for Remote Desktop Protocol & Citrix virtualized environments
Volume licensing available
Maintenance agreement available (additional fees)
Central administration through the NMC*

*According to PIPEDA law, you are responsible for all information transmitted. At this time, the NMC and Dragon Anywhere components are hosted on servers in the United States of America. Once information is transmitted into the United States of America, it falls under the jurisdiction of that country (including the Patriot Act).

Why a Dragon Professional Solution from Speakeasy Solutions Is Right for You

Superior Service

At Speakeasy Solutions it’s all about the customer experience. With more than 23 years of experience in speech recognition support, we are committed to user adoption.

Firmly believing that technology should adapt to an office (not the other way around), we match Dragon® Professional to your workflow.

Customized Solutions

Speakeasy Solutions consults with you before the actual sale, ensuring you receive the products and services that you truly need for your current office and workflow.

Our expert staff integrates the software to be the perfect solution for your individual practice with a free needs analysis to determine the extent of customization and training necessary.

With our exceptional service and support after the sale, we make sure Dragon® Professional continuously adapts to your changing needs.

Technical Support

With a Complete Dragon® Professional Solution Package, Speakeasy Solutions extends complimentary remote technical support after installation and setup, ensuring you have peace of mind.

What can go wrong? Dragon user profiles may become corrupt, or patches do not install correctly, or a microphone may act up. We are here for you. A Windows OS, or Microsoft Office, or Web Browser update may cause temporary issues with Dragon. We are here for you.

Province Specific Word Lists

With a Complete Dragon® Professional Solution Package, Speakeasy Solutions provides province specific word lists incorporating phrases commonly used so you do not have to add these yourself. Lists include legal institutions, hospital and clinic names, as well as cities and towns.

These word lists reduce time spent in setting up your Dragon User Profile.

Quick Dragon How-to Answers

Once you have finished Complete Training with Speakeasy Solutions, you may find yourself stuck or needing a quick answer to a question regarding Dragon® Professional use.

Email Speakeasy Solutions with your question(s) and you will receive an answer.

This complimentary service does not include material not covered during the original training sessions and a follow-up training session is suggested for queries that extend beyond a quick how-to response.

Exceptional Training

Speakeasy Solutions is an authorized Dragon® Professional trainer. We offer training materials designed for the efficient use of Dragon that no one else can – like our custom created Dragon Training Workbooks, invaluable tools for quick tips, shortcuts and top commands.

Each version of Dragon® Professional prompts the complete revision of our ~300 page Dragon Training Workbook, ensuring our clients are kept up to date with the latest best use practices for Dragon in their office.

Microphones & Digital Recorders

We help you install and configure your choice of input devices (microphones and/or digital recorders) to maximize the benefits of Dragon® Professional.

Ready-to-use Voice Commands

The implementation of Dragon® Professional is enhanced by the creation of custom voice commands. Custom commands allow you to navigate your applications faster than you can manually. With a Complete Dragon® Professional Solution Package, you receive a series of voice commands that makes Dragon® Professional easier and more efficient.

Additionally included is a set of editable commands (templates, if you will) for you to customize, increasing your efficiencies even further.

Philips SpeechMike Guides

Speakeasy Solutions optimizes the Philips SpeechMike settings and configuration file in concert with the most popular and useful options, based on many years of working with medical practitioners. These settings are further customized to the user’s needs during training. Also included is an 44 page guide, Using the Philips SpeechMike with Dragon.

Law Society of British Columbia CPD Credits

As an additional benefit of receiving training from Speakeasy Solutions, lawyers claim one CPD credits.

Under Practice Management, following onto the technology in a law practice category, Dragon training conducted by Speakeasy Solutions allows members of the Law Society of British Columbia to claim CPD credits for the courses: “Dragon Complete Training” (6 hours) and “Dragon Q&A Training” (2 hours).

Speakeasy Solutions is listed under “Request Approval of an UNLISTED course”, and then under “Course Provider”.