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Upgrading Dragon Medical & Professional for PC

Format of Upgrades

Dragon speech recognition upgrades are “smart upgrades” in that you must either have:

  • Dragon’s previous version currently installed on the computer where Dragon is to be upgraded, or
  • The serial number/installation code for the previous version.

The serial number is found on your DVD’s protective sleeve or on Dragon’s splashscreen, activated by clicking on the DragonBar’s Help> About menu. Speakeasy Solutions also maintains a record of its Canadian clients’ serial numbers, which is also located on your original invoice.


Check Upgrade Pathway

Every edition has individual rules with respect to upgrading from previous versions, other editions (Medical and Professional), and languages (English and French).

Take note of these details below.

Meet Minimum PC Specs

For the new version to run smoothly, it is imperative that the computer(s) meet the minimum hardware specifications for the new version of Dragon. Hardware updates may be required.

Verify Software Compatibility

For the sake of effective integration, verify that the new version of Dragon is compatible with the computer’s operating system, along with other software applications.

Available Upgrades

Every Dragon speech recognition product has a different set of rules with respect to upgrade pathways. Before purchasing an upgrade, ensure your current version is satisfied by these rules.

Dragon® Medical One

Upgrades available from:

  • Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 (until the end of March 2023)

Dragon® Medical One French

Upgrades available from:

  • Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 French (until the end of March 2023)

Dragon® Professional Individual 16 English

Upgrades available from:

  • Dragon® Professional Individual 15.

Dragon® Professional Individual 15 French

There is no upgrade pathway from any product.

The full version must be purchased again.

Dragon® Professional Group Licenses

Upgrades are handled by way of annual maintenance agreements.

Nongroup licenses may be rolled into a Group license.

dragon upgrade pathwaysThree Upgrade Pathways

Speakeasy Solutions offers the following three upgrade package solutions to choose from:

click to

1. Product(s)

2. Product(s) & Installation

3. Complete (product(s), installation, Upgrade Training & more)

Upgrade with Ease (exceptional support during your upgrade transition)

Why have Speakeasy Solutions install the upgrade?

  • Save you time.
  • Installation replaces inefficient default settings with optimal settings for improved Dragon functionality.
  • PC is optimized for increased Dragon performance.
  • Knowledgeable support should challenges arise during installation.
  • Complimentary remote technical support per Speakeasy Solutions’ terms and conditions offered.
  • Discount on future support services not covered by the Terms & Conditions (not including Customization or Training services).

Why have Speakeasy Solutions provide upgrade training?

  • Assistance with creation of new user profile, and where pertinent, salvaging your custom words and commands from your previous user profile.
  • Outline of new User Interface, features, and commands.
  • Review of workflow and on-the-spot custom command creation for improved efficiencies.
  • Address any outstanding concerns.
  • Receive the latest SeS Dragon Training Workbooks.

Dragon Professional Medical Upgrading TipsUpgrading Tips for Dragon® Professional Individual/Group

Speakeasy Solutions always recommends creating a new user profile with a new version of Dragon.

If Dragon is not currently installed on a computer, do not install previous versions with the intent to apply the upgrade afterwards. Install directly from the upgrade, which prompts you for the previous version’s serial number.

  1. Backup or export a copy of your user profile before you do anything else.
  2. Export a copy of your custom words and commands separately. We do not recommend exporting your entire vocabulary as Nuance does change the vocabulary considerably from version to version and it’s far more advantageous to begin with the new version’s vocabulary.
  3. Perform any typical Dragon or application pre-installation routines that you may employ.
  4. Install Dragon, taking into account any Dragon or application installation routines.
  5. Create your new version user profile.
  1. Set up your preferred Dragon options.
  2. Import your exported custom word list and/or commands from your upgraded user profile or previous export.
  3. Engage any Dragon profile enhancing features you would with a new user profile.
  4. Add any additional sound sources to your user profile (i.e. other devices such as a digital voice recorder, USB or Bluetooth wireless microphone etc.).
  5. Export a copy of your user profile – the results of the above will yield an excellent Known Good or starting point in future should you require.

If you require clarification or assistance with any aspect of the procedure previously outlined, contract Speakeasy Solutions to provide you with this service.

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