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Speech Recognition & Digital Dictation Products

Speech Technology Specialists, Proudly Serving Canada

Speakeasy Solutions provides speech recognition software (Dragon Medical One and Dragon Professional) and digital dictation products (digital voice recorders and transcribers) and their related services across Canada.

The terms “speech recognition” and “voice recognition” tend to be interchangeable for most individuals; we use the term speech recognition.

Speech recognition and digital dictation technologies are used either independently of one another or in combination, depending on your needs and workflow.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we provide products within Canada only (due to product warranty regulations) & services across Canada and throughout the United States of America.

Dragon Medical One

Secure, cloud-based, easy to use, clinical documentation. Incredible accuracy with no device limits — report anywhere you have Internet.

Philips SpeechMike Premium Air

The ultimate handheld wireless microphone, ideal for multiple computer workstation environments. 1 microphone plus a Docking Station for each computer offers increased office efficiency.

Dragon Professional Individual 16

For busy lawyers and professionals who need to find more time in their day. Generate documents immediately, and increase efficiencies; leverage the power of Dragon Professional.

Sennheiser MB Pro 1 Wireless Headset

A low profile bluetooth microphone dongle for portability. Astounding clarity for Dragon and your smartphone.

Why Choose Products from Speakeasy Solutions?

  • choose speakeasy solutionsQuality assurance
  • Informed choices
  • Knowledgeable product support
  • We test for the best

Speakeasy Solutions continuously investigates new equipment on the market, enabling you to choose from a tried and tested list in which Speakeasy Solutions has the utmost confidence.

What Speakeasy Solutions Offers You

Speech Recognition & Digital Dictation Knowledge & Experience

Speakeasy Solutions has the knowledge and experience to meet challenges arising from supplied equipment.

In addition to personally using these technologies every day, prior to the formation of Speakeasy Solutions, its staff were involved in the computer technology industry for numerous years. We are all well acquainted with computer hardware and software.

Complete Solution Provision (products & services)

In addition to providing products, Speakeasy Solutions offers an array of support services, designed to see you enjoying the benefits of your chosen speech technology solution almost immediately. Services are provided by Speakeasy Solutions, delivering personal and prompt attention to you and your office.

Speakeasy Solutions offers:

Dragon Professional & Dragon Medical for PC

Digital Voice Dictation and Transcription Equipment

Speakeasy Solutions provides Philips and Olympus professional digital voice recorders, transcribers, and accessories, enabling you to dictate correspondence, capture notes and ideas away from the computer, and later have these dictations transcribed by Dragon or by a transcriptionist.

Speakeasy Solutions assists you in regards to implementing an effective digital voice dictation solution in your office, no matter the size. Workflow management software is set up in a variety of ways (from simple to complex), depending on your office’s requirements.

Microphones for Speech Recognition

High-quality microphones are absolutely paramount for effective speech recognition use. As such, Speakeasy Solutions is determined to provide you with a superior selection of different types of microphones (wired, wireless, handheld, and so on) from Philips and Sennheiser.

We match your needs and workflow with an optimal microphone solution.