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Digital Dictation (Recorders & Transcribers) Services

Your Digital Voice Dictation Service Needs Satisfied

Services provided by Speakeasy Solutions to users of digital voice dictation in Canada vary somewhat from client to client. Industry (medical, legal, insurance and so on) and size of office (single office, small, midsize, and national) impacts the extent of services required.

Speakeasy Solutions draws from numerous years of experience in the technology industry, as well as professional, medical and legal, to assist you in determining your needs.

While we encourage a complete digital voice dictation solution package, Speakeasy Solutions also understands there may be factors such budgets and existing knowledge held by a user that minimizes the need for a complete solution.

Regardless of your requirements, Speakeasy Solutions provides the level of service you desire.


Are you currently using tape recorders and couriers for your transcription needs?

Speakeasy Solutions assists your productivity enhancing transition from analog to digital.

Efficient Solutions

Do you feel your digital dictation solution is not as effective as it could be?

Speakeasy Solutions reviews your existing solution and implements customized efficiencies.

Who Are You? (and how we can help)


If you do not yet have a digital voice dictation solution in place, Speakeasy Solutions determines which products and services you will derive the most benefit from.  A telephone dialogue is strongly encouraged; please contact us at your convenience.

Existing User

If you are an existing user of digital voice dictation technology, Speakeasy Solutions is pleased to assist with technical support issues you are experiencing.  Speakeasy Solutions discusses your existing equipment, workflow, and potential for improvements or expansion in order to increase efficiencies.

Speakeasy Solutions Client

If you are already a client, some services are included with a complete digital voice dictation solution package.  Additional services such as on-site technical support, additional users, transitioning to a site license etc. are easily accommodated.

If you purchased product only from Speakeasy Solutions, you may be interested in various technical support assistance such as installation, effective workflow configuration, and hardware complications.