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Medical Speech Technology Solutions

Efficient Workflow Solutions

As time moves on, more and more is asked of physicians in Canada; well beyond patient care. Documentation, certainly a must, often consumes far too much of a medical practitioner’s day, impacting the primary role of looking after patients.

Dictate Into EMRs

Quickly complete patient consultations and follow-ups by dictating directly into your EMR.

Recorder Dictation

Dictate into a digital voice recorder if preferred or when not in front of a computer.

Increase Patient Care

Generate a valuable patient narrative in your own words for increased patient care.

Dragon Speech Recognition

Speech recognitionDragon Medical, the most powerful and widely used speech recognition solution in medicine today, enables physicians to navigate and dictate into most Windows applications and remote EMR systems using voice.

Doctors are able to dictate progress notes in their own words, adding considerable value for their patients. In many cases, repetitious tasks within an EMR are completed with custom voice commands. By giving clinicians the power to dictate literally while reviewing the full medical record or test results, physicians decrease charting time and increase efficiency.

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Digital Voice Dictation

Digital voice dictationDragon Medical One does not offer transcription of audio files such as those made with a digital voice recorder, smartphone, or direct to computer with a microphone.

This may change at some point in the future. To be notified if this occurs, please fill out the following form:

Additional Combined Solution Resources

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Although some of these articles were written some years ago, many of the points are still valid today.

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