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Dragon Medical & Professional Value Added

Complete Speech Recognition Package Solution

Purchasing a complete package solution from Speakeasy Solutions entitles clients to additional products and services (value adds), exclusive only to those purchasing this complete solution package. A complete speech recognition package solution comprises of:

Explore the benefits of a Complete Solution.

Commands & Word Lists

Quickly begin using Dragon efficiently.

Sample Dragon commands guide you through the creation of most commonly used voice commands while province and industry-specific word lists mitigate the need to add numerous custom entries into the vocabulary.

Exclusive Documentation

Have vital resources at your fingertips.

Believing in user-friendly support guides, Speakeasy Solutions offers its own training materials and resources, designed with its medical, legal, and professional clients in mind. Numerous screen captures accompany these how-to guides.

Support Services

Receive knowledgeable and personal assistance.

Included remote technical support gives you peace of mind. Once training is complete, contact Speakeasy Solutions any time for a quick reminder and how to accomplish previously discussed tasks.

Speech Recognition Value Added

SeS Voice Commands

Speakeasy Solutions provides their signature SeS Voice Commands. These spoken commands perform a variety of commonly used tasks in various programs, resulting in faster use of those programs.

Currently available are:

  • General Computer Use,
  • Advanced Computer Use,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • and more.

SeS Voice Command Samples

dragon voice command samplesSpeakeasy Solutions also provides a number of command samples of commonly performed tasks. Examples include document creation from a template, repetitive email forwards, logging in to a website for research, searching virtually any web search engine according to your parameters etc.

Speakeasy Solutions provides you with a series of sample commands based on the most sought after custom commands requested by legal and medical Dragon users. These sample commands form the basis of commands you will easily create to speed up computer tasks, and perform them entirely by voice!

Technical Support

Speakeasy Solutions extends complimentary remote technical support and troubleshooting (Internet, email, and phone) per Speakeasy Solutions’ Policies.

Discount on Support Services

For Support services not covered under Speakeasy Solutions’ Policies, a discount is applied for two years following the implementation of the original Complete Package Solution. This does not include Training or Customization services.

Creating & Using Templates in MS Word for Use with Dragon Medical One

While dragon ms word templatesmedically focused, these samples and documentation are also be useful for lawyers and other non-medical users who utilize MS Word templates. Included are 12 pages of instructions, an annotated sample and 4 MS Word template samples. This material is made available prior to the first training session with a brief telephone consult suggested and integration to take place during one of the initial training sessions.

Philips SpeechMike Configuration Files & Documentation

Speakeasy Solutions optimizes the Philips SpeechMike settings and configuration files in concert with the most popular and useful options, based on many years of working with doctors and lawyers. These settings are further customized to the user’s needs during training. Also included is a 44 page guide, Using the Philips SpeechMike Premium with Dragon.

Geographically (province specific) Oriented Word List

Custom word lists of phrases useful to those in the medical and legal fields in each province throughout Canada. Have Dragon get it right the first time with the Speakeasy Solutions custom word list.

Training Workbook

Speakeasy Solutions makes available and offers a discount on its 300 page Training Workbook, which becomes an invaluable resource guide, filled with “quick sheets” of top commands, resolving misrecognitions, creating commands, and more.

Quick Dragon How-to Answers

Once you have finished training with Speakeasy Solutions, you may find yourself stuck or needing a quick answer to a question regarding Dragon use. Contact us any time for assistance.

Learn More about Speakeasy Solutions’ Value Added

speakeasy solutions value added Speakeasy Solutions offers useful additional items and services, designed to minimize your learning curve and boost adoption with Dragon. After sale and implementation assistance is paramount for continued and effective use of your Dragon solution.