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Dragon® Professional 16 (Academic)

MSRP: $748.75

For those attending or instructing at a scholastic institution.

Product Notes

Dragon is a Windows OS PC product ONLY.

Dragon is licensed per user/individual (not per computer). This software may be installed on up to 2 computers per user.

This product does not include a microphone. Should you require a microphone, view our selection.

Product Details

Academic empowerment for all

Find your voice and fulfill your potential with speech recognition software that allows you to write as fast and as fluently as you think.

Make words work for you

Dragon transcribes your words into text and reads them back to you so you can edit until you are satisfied. Use Dragon to read aloud anything from homework instructions to incoming email.

Let Dragon do the typing

For those who find typing physically or cognitively taxing, Dragon provides an easier, more intuitive way to write—and research—simply by speaking. It keeps pace with your train of thought, transcribing up to 160 words a minute.

Lesson plans at the speed of speech

Dictate lesson plans, syllabi, reading lists, worksheets, and more three times faster than typing, with 99% accuracy.

Deliver more detailed assessments

Enjoy the unprecedented ease, speed, and simplicity of using voice to assess student work and provide detailed feedback on papers, research projects, and tests.

Product Sales Information 


PC Specifications

For the best success, ensure your PC meets our specifications.

Product & Service Options

Speakeasy Solutions provides as much or as little assistance as you desire.

You may know precisely what you wish, and we provide the items you specifically request, delivering Canada-wide.

You may wish some assistance with setting up and learning your Dragon solution, or perhaps you do not have the time to spend configuring Dragon and learning how Dragon functions most advantageously with your applications and workflow, or perhaps you wish complete peace of mind knowing that you have reliable and knowledgeable support.

Regardless of your goals, Speakeasy Solutions has a Dragon solution for you.

If you feel that you might benefit from a discussion regarding various options (microphones, digital voice recorders, installation, training & support services), a pre-sales consultation by way of a telephone call is quite helpful.

For more information, review our three Dragon solutions.