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Dragon Complete Training

3 two-hour training sessions, conducted on-site (in the Vancouver, BC region) or remotely across Canada, with a suggested 1 week between appointments 1 & 2, and 2-3 weeks between appointments 2 & 3.

Sufficient practice time between each appointment is vital to achieving the most out of the training sessions.  Please ensure such practice time is possible when booking appointments.

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Service Details

Complete Training in the use of speech recognition teaches effective use of speech recognition software for your specific purpose (i.e. EMR, email, drafting etc.).

We skip content and sections that are irrelevant to you, focusing on your needs with the goal of seeing you operational with Dragon ASAP.

You will be able to use Dragon after the first training session, and are, in fact, encouraged to use Dragon as much as possible; however, there will be a slight lack of efficiency and accuracy until all three sessions have been completed.

After three sessions, you should find yourself reasonably independent and knowledgeable.

One month after the final training session you should feel well on your way with using Dragon efficiently.

Throughout All Sessions

  • Integration techniques with your most used applications (i.e. EMRs, legal applications, MS Office etc.)
  • Addressing your most immediate goals and answering specific questions (particularly those accumulated after the first and second training sessions)

Session One (a foundation of knowledge)

  • Microphone handling
  • How to dictate for maximum accuracy
  • Creating a user profile
  • Optimizing Dragon’s options
  • Dictation vs commands
  • Text and document navigation
  • Editing text (inserting, replacing, deleting etc.)
  • Best capitalization practices for your purposes
  • Correcting text (when Dragon makes an error)

Session Two (all those little details and enhanced accuracy)

  • Dictating numbers and special characters
  • Dictating uncommon text (file numbers, names etc.)
  • Contending with common dictation errors
  • Dictating atypical text and phrases
  • Formatting text
  • Efficiency gains by using appropriate built-in command for increasing productivity (general and application specific; based on your use and needs)
  • Refining the vocabulary (the most important topic of the second session)

Session Three (it’s all about productivity and saving time)

  • Steps to resolving constant misrecognitions and addressing related Dragon challenges
  • Accuracy increasing techniques continued (another vital aspect of using Dragon)
  • Handling non-compliant windows and applications (i.e. EMRs, other applications)
  • Creating custom voice commands and/or having custom commands created on the spot for you (a very powerful aspect of Dragon use)
  • Speech recognition user profile maintenance techniques, ensuring that Dragon continues to work well for you
  • Achieving a high degree of efficiency with time-saving techniques based on your tasks and computer use

Training Time

3 two-hour sessions. If in a group, this is often best followed with a single one-on-one session to customize the instruction and tailor the learning to each user.


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