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Dragon Installation

Computer Speech Recognition Installation & Setup, conducted remotely across Canada.  Estimate .5 hour of time per computer. Additional time required is billed at current hourly rates in 5 minute increments. Any allocated time not used is reimbursed to you.

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Speakeasy Solutions is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) & solution provider for Nuance’s Dragon Professional®, Dragon® Medical One, and Dragon® Medical Practice Edition products. As a result, we are privy to exclusive and timely information regarding the use and installation of the software. We also have access to the upper tier levels of technical support for Dragon, which becomes exceedingly important with respect to unique technical challenges.

The installation of a speech recognition solution by Speakeasy Solutions on your equipment is effectively accomplished with the most current and extensive knowledge base, minimizing any potential issues that may arise.

Multi PC Setup

If Dragon is required on multiple computers, it is most efficient when implementing Dragon’s roaming user profile system.  Speakeasy Solutions effectively configures the roaming solution according to each individual’s use of Dragon (i.e. dictating direct, digital recorder, or an assistant proofreading etc.).

PC Tweak

Speakeasy Solutions optimizes the computer based on resident operating system and applications, removing any bottlenecks possible that may otherwise impede Dragon’s functionality.

Dragon Optimization

Dragon is configured to take advantage of optimal settings (Dragon’s default installed settings are often not as effective for professional practitioners as tweaked settings), enhancing performance of the software and its future use.

PC Specifications

For the best success, ensure your PC meets our specifications.

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Book your remote Installation appointment at your convenience.

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