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Dragon Video Demonstrations for Law Firms

Transcription Technologies in the Law Firm

A Speakeasy Solutions presentation on Transcription Technologies in the Law Firm.  This video is based on a presentation Alexandria Carstens gave before an audience of Legal office professionals.

The focus of the presentation is to provide an overview regarding the various transcription solutions available today, incorporating Dragon speech recognition and/or a professional dictation solution (Olympus or Philips).

While a lengthy video, it does move fairly quickly in order to cover as many pertinent points as possible.


Dragon & Microsoft Word in the Law Office

A Speakeasy Solutions demonstration of a legal practitioner using custom Dragon commands in Microsoft Word.


Creating Voice Commands

Training in the creation of voice commands (also known as macros) teaches you how to create voice commands to streamline processes, which types of commands to use in specific circumstances, and how to speech-enable third party programs. Some covered topics include:

  • Maximizing your productivity with Microsoft Office
  • Speeding up your general computer use
  • Creating boilerplate or repetitive text
  • Creating commands from sequences of keyboard shortcuts
  • Speech-enabling the impossible with mouse macros
  • Creating commands containing variables
  • Creating advanced commands with Visual Basic

Training Time

1 to 2 sessions, depending on the level of command creation that needs to be taught, as well as available samples and scenarios. This is also taught in groups provided the objectives and goals are the same.

Additional Resources

Information about our Canadian Word Lists (national and provincial).