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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade

— discontinued as of March 31, 2021 (

Announcing Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4More accurate than ever – Powered by the latest in speech recognition technology, Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 achieves 99% accuracy out of the box without voice profile training— significantly outperforming previous versions.

Superior transcription of recorded speech – Transcribe audio recordings in fewer steps with increased accuracy.

Functional compatibility – Along with generating narrative content within applications and EMR textbox fields, clinicians can use voice to interact with websites and select web-based applications.

Newly designed DragonBar –  Designed for enhanced usability, the new DragonBar provides easy access to popular features. When not in use, the DragonBar automatically collapses, freeing screen space.

Learn more on the main Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 page. Read the benefits & features, and product data sheets. View a list of all the medical vocabularies included. Review relevant blog posts and support information.

Meet Minimum PC Specs

For the new version to run smoothly, it is imperative that the computer(s) meet the minimum hardware specifications for the new version of Dragon. Hardware updates may be required.

Verify Software Compatibility

For the sake of effective integration, verify that the new version of Dragon is compatible with the computer’s operating system, along with other software applications.

Upgrade Details

Learn more about upgrades from Speakeasy Solutions on the main Upgrading Dragon page.

Included are information about available package solutions and upgrading tips.

Name & Licensing dragon medical 4 name licensing

Dragon® Medical version 10 was released in August 2008. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition (1) was released in August 2011. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 was released in June 2013. There was NO Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3 for North American users (this was a European release only). Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 was released in January 2018.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is based on the Dragon® Professional Individual 15 core, with additional augmentations and updates.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 continues to be licensed per user (and not per machine), permitting up to 4 installations/activations per license.

Upgrade Notations important dragon upgrade information

Speakeasy Solutions highly advises creating a new Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 user profile rather than using an upgraded/converted Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 user profile. This will yield best results with the software.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 1 users cannot upgrade their user profiles at all. Moreover, there is no upgrade path from Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 1 to Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4. A full priced license must be purchased.

Particularly for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 1 users, export your custom commands and custom word lists before installing Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Import these into a new Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 user profile.

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