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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 for PC & MOIS EMR

Special Offer from Speakeasy Solutions Inc. to MOIS Users

Using Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and MOIS EMR has never been easier. Achieve more time for patient care and increase your office’s productivity.

Whether you are an existing, new, or future user of MOIS®, Speakeasy Solutions offers the following to those who have purchased or will purchase a Complete Dragon Medical Practice Edition Solution:

  • A discount on a Complete Dragon Medical Practice Edition Solution — contact us for details.
  • An additional 1 year of free remote technical support — extending the included 2 years of free remote technical support to 3 years.
  • SeS MOIS® Voice Commands — a series of voice commands designed to increase your workflow efficiency within MOIS®.
  • A 5% discount on future purchases of hardware (microphones, digital voice recorders, and transcribers) — should you need additional microphones, or wish to buy newly released technology.

Dictate Into MOIS

Dictate your consultations and reports directly into the MOIS EMR.

Create notes in your own narrative and use voice commands to produce repetitious text — all within the MOIS EMR.

Command By Voice

Accomplish tasks faster with voice commands.

Employ custom commands to produce text (simple, with fields for free-form narration, and utilizing lists), and even navigate MOIS EMR.

Increase Patient Care

Spend more time with your patients.

When you dictate accurately at speeds of over 140 words per minute, combined with voice commands, more time is available for you to devote to your patients.

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is available from Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

  • Medical vocabularies and acoustic models tuned for the way clinicians speak.
  • Regional accent support.
  • Simplified interaction with EMRs eliminates navigation back to EMR screens with a hidden dictation box.
  • Smart configuration automatically detects hardware resources and determines the best use of infrastructure for optimal performance.
  • No internet connection required ensuring uninterrupted use.


MOIS® Electronic Medical Record system is developed and supported by Applied Informatics for Health Society in Prince George, BC, Canada.

If you like our dedication to customer support, you will enjoy the same experience utilizing MOIS®.

  • Medical office billing and scheduling (Private and MSP).
  • Documentation of key elements of the patient medical record (i.e. encounter notes, prescriptions, messaging, task management, procedures, consultations etc.).
  • Evidence based review of patients, with reference to age, sex and medical history.
  • Utilization and creation of flow sheets, auto-fill forms and custom templates.
  • Audit and graphing tools.
  • Clinical Calculators.
  • Electronic downloads (lab and radiology reports).
  • Advanced reporting based on user parameters (for notification, recalls, alerts or analysis).

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition and MOIS®

Locally installed MOIS® integrates exceptionally well with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  Key observations are as follows:

  • Nearly perfect Full Text Control (the ability to select/edit text even after leaving the text entry area) available in all text entry regions [NOTE: Correction by voice does not allow for standard FTC methods].
  • MOIS® Menus respond to voice commands.
  • Patient Chart and Workspace areas respond to voice commands (progress notes, referrals, consultations, tasks, messages, creation of templates).
  • Text fields throughout MOIS® are Dragon Medical Practice Edition compatible.
  • Custom Dragon commands to speed up workflow are easily accommodated.

Special Pricing for MOIS Users!

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