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Update via Philips SpeechControl / Device Control Center (PDCC) Application

Automatic firmware updates within the SpeechControl (PDCC) software is now enabled; easily update the firmware within the SpeechControl software.

Upon opening the SpeechControl software, a notification on the bottom right indicates a “Firmware download is available”. Click this link.

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 01

Click [Download now].

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 02

Click [Upgrade now].

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 03

Click “Yes, upgrade the device”.

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 04

Take heed of the notice to NOT disconnect or undock the SpeechMike until the upgrade is complete; otherwise you will likely brick (irrevocably damage) the microphone.

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 05

The current firmware is displayed in the Device tab under Firmware upgrade.

SpeechMike firmware upgrade 06

Manual Firmware Update

While it is preferable to apply the firmware update via the Philips SpeechControl, the firmware is downloadable; after which the firmware is imported via the [Import] button within the SpeechControl software under Device> Firmware upgrade.

Firmware files are available from Speakeasy Solutions in the following location: https://www.speakeasysolutions.com/updates/philips/SpeechMike/Firmware/

Ensure you click into the correct SpeechMike product (for example: 3500, 4000, and so on).

The folder contains the latest firmware available.