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Nuance Discontinues Dragon Medical Practice Edition


We regrettably relay that Nuance is discontinuing sales of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (DMPE) as of March 31, 2021. After that date, Speakeasy Solutions is unable to sell DMPE 4.

While Dragon Medical One (DMO), a subscription cloud based service, has been available in Canada for a year, it has continually updated and is much improved since it’s inception. DMO will be the only Dragon Medical product available after March 31, 2021.

What is Happening to Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

As mentioned above, Nuance is discontinuing sales of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (DMPE) as of March 31, 2021. Official support of DMPE 4 will end on March 31, 2022.

The end of maintenance and support on March 31, 2022 means that Nuance will not work to prevent or resolve any security issues that may arise for DMPE. If customers choose to continue to use DMPE without support, they will do so at their own risk; Nuance will not be responsible for any security incidents, breaches or other security failures.

You may continue to use DMPE after official support has ended over a year from now. At that point DMPE will continue functioning until such time as a Microsoft Windows Operating System Update results in technical issues with DMPE. These technical issues may take months or years to occur, but ultimately they will as happens with any aging software product.

Given the above, there will be no Dragon Medical Practice Edition 5.

Is DMO as good as DMPE 4?

As of now, for the most part, yes, it is. DMO is a different product. It is easier to use and maintain. The accuracy is higher for most, and it handles accents exceptionally well. That said, it is different and requires a little transition time to locate familiar features. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

For further information about the differences please view this blog post.

Can I Move My Dragon Medical Practice Edition User Profile over to Dragon Medical One?

We export your custom word list and custom commands from your DMPE user profile, and then import those into your DMO user profile.

Please mention this to us at the time you purchase DMO.

Can I Try DMO?

You bet! Contact us by telephone (604-264-9109 ext. 102) or book online as follows:

When booking the appointment, choose as follows:

  • Category — Pre-Sales Consultation
  • Service — Dragon Medical One Trial | no charge (30 minutes) REMOTE

What Should I Do?

This is largely dependent on your particular situation. Factors to consider:

Are you a solo practitioner or part of a multi physician clinic using Dragon Medical?

It’s easier for a solo practitioner to switch to DMO than a larger group of physicians.

For a group, if the timing isn’t right to switch to DMO now, consider purchasing additional licenses of DMPE 4 prior to March 31, 2021 for anticipated physicians joining the clinic over the next year or so.

Are you presently using DMPE French?

Remain with DMPE French until such time that DMO becomes available for the French language. At the moment it is English only.

Do you presently have the budget to switch to DMO?

Yes, a subscription solution is pricier than a one time purchase. To stretch your investment, stick with DMPE 4.

Are you someone who benefits from the latest and greatest in medical speech recognition technology?

DMO is truly an astounding product now. The accuracy is unparalleled and the ability to dictate on an unlimited number of computers is immediately beneficial. Moreover, if using multiple computers, your Dragon profile, maintained on a secure Canadian server, is continually updated every time you use it.

In the end, do not hesitate to contact me directly – 604-264-9109 ext. 102 and we will discuss the pros and cons for your particular situation.

Speakeasy Solutions provides Dragon Medical One within Canada only; thank you for your understanding.