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Dragon® Professional Group 15

Product Notes

Dragon is a Windows OS PC product ONLY.

Dragon is licensed per user/individual (not per computer). This software may be installed on up to 4 computers per user.

This product does not include a microphone. Should you require a microphone, view our selection.

Product Details

Read more about Dragon Professional Group 15 here.

PC Specifications

For the best success, ensure your PC meets our specifications.

Product & Service Options

Speakeasy Solutions provides as much or as little assistance as you desire. You may know precisely what you wish, and we provide the item(s) you specifically request.

Conversely, you may wish some assistance with setting up and learning your Dragon solution, or perhaps you do not have the time to spend configuring Dragon and learning how Dragon functions most advantageously with your applications and workflow, or perhaps you wish complete peace of mind knowing that you have reliable and knowledgeable support.

For more information, review our three Dragon solutions.