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Philips has now implemented a “stay logged/signed in” feature in SpeechLive. You will find there is a new check box in the log in interface.

This will keep the user logged in for 90 days. This avoids having to re-log in every day and also will now mean the Uploader client for Downloading from recorders will stay connected.

It is important to note that if a SpeechLive user selects the “stay logged/signed in” option; make sure that the auto logout setting is also set to 1 day. If not, the session timed out message will pop up every time the auto logout setting is reached.

Philips SpeechLive session time out

Session timed out notifications are provided by both SpeechLive systems (webshop and backend).

The pop up message is annoying, however, the good news is that clicking ok, does not log the user out of SpeechLive, it simply returns you to SpeechLive.