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From Speakeasy Solutions

Speakeasy Solutions announces the end of Dragon for Mac Medical and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac.

This is not unsurprising as the product has not been well maintained, and has never really functioned very well.

Despite some medical and legal practitioners switching to Mac computers, there always seems to be much more support and flexibility for those with PC computers.

That said, while not officially supported, we do have a number of clients who create a PC partition ( by way of Bootcamp or Parallels) on their Mac computers so that they may operate Dragon for PC products. We recommend an absolute minimum of 8 GB of RAM for this partition.

From Nuance

Nuance Communications is updating its line of Dragon Healthcare desktop speech recognition solutions and discontinuing Dragon for Mac Medical effective immediately.

Additional details include the following:

Effective date for End-of-Life on Dragon for Mac Medical is 8/14/2018.

New orders will not be accepted.