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While Windows 10 has been around since 2015, its current state is a far cry from its original release.

Why is this important for PC users, particularly Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 & Dragon Professional 14 users?

Simply put: DP 14 & DMPE 2 could cease functioning as desired at any time. In fact, a number of these users have already noticed a loss of functionality with the current release of Windows 10 and other applications such as Microsoft Office 365.

DP 14 was replaced by DP 15 in 2016, with no further updates for DP 14 after 2016. DMPE 2 was replaced by DMPE 4 in 2018, with no further updates for DMPE 2 after 2018. There have been numerous updates within Windows 10 since the release of the latest Dragon software. If resident Operating System and applications are not kept up to date on a system, users run the risk of productivity declines as their applications cease functioning properly.

That said, I’ve had clients keep a system in “stasis” and never have the computer connected to the Internet for years and all continues to work well provided they upgrade NOTHING and never access the ‘net; this is far more unrealistic in this day and age of dependence upon access to the Internet.

Why am I talking about this now? The next big Windows 10 update is upon is in April 2020. Read more about that update here

While it’s not certain DP 14 or DMPE 2 will cease functioning, it may be time to consider an upgrade. And if you are using DMPE 2, instead of upgrading to DMPE 4, you may wish to consider the new Dragon Medical One, cloud based solution.

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