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Software Update for SpeechExec 11.5 SR1 from Philips 4x3

In February 2020 SpeechExec 11.5 was launched with the new, flexible and future-proof licensing system. Based on the feedback received since then, Speech Processing Solutions (Philips) slightly adapted some areas, and these improvements have resulted in the in the service release version SpeechExec 11.5 SR1, generating increased customer satisfaction.

These are some of the new features:

  • New proxy setting for the SpeechProfile registration process
  • Improved license transfer mechanism
  • Simplified assignment of new product keys to existing SpeechProfiles
  • Support of dots “.” in keywords on the PocketMemo

How to Update to SpeechExec 11.5 SR1

Existing Installations

  1. On the SpeechExec software’s menu bar, click Settings > General Settings.
  2. From the left pane click Updates and follow subsequent directions.

New Installations

  1. Visit the SpeechExec download page.
  2. Enter your product key and click Continue.
  3. Follow subsequent directions.

If you have already installed SpeechExec on another computer and intend to transfer the license over, find the product key in SpeechExec by clicking Help › License information › Info on the menu bar.

If you have not yet installed SpeechExec and you are a Speakeasy Solutions client, contact us and we will advise you of your product key.

SpeechExec 11.5 SR1 Details

View the PDF for SpeechExec 11.5 SR1 for more information.