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Speakeasy Solutions announces a new version of Olympus’ DS-9500 digital voice recorder firmware. Version 1.121.


Improved the device charging specifications.

  • Enabled to charge via USB even when the device is PIN Locked.
  • Support recharge from Battery Low via USB AC.
  • Deleted the confirmation screen for “Charge battery?” when charging via USB AC.
  • Improved stability when charging from a PC.

Fixed the issue when connecting to WIFI enterprise. 

Make it possible to stop and resume recording in MP3 with Type B and Type C slide switch mode.

Common causes of device freezing have been corrected. 

Fixed the issue that the REW function may not function at the end of a file.



This file (DS-9500 Firmware_v1121_Windows.zip) is available in the following location until it has been replaced by a new version: https://www.speakeasysolutions.com/updates/olympus/Firmware_Updates/DS9500/

If the file is no longer available in the above location, it is located as follows: https://www.speakeasysolutions.com/updates/olympus/Firmware_Updates/DS9500/OlderVersions/