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Dragon® Medical One

For Dragon Medical One, order online via the link(s) listed below or ask us to send you a pre-populated order for checkout.

The Implementation Package ($578) is required for each new user license. This Implementation Package is two hours in length, including backend configuration, installing DMO on one computer per user, instruction on performing the implementation on additional computers yourself (if desired), and an overview of dictating with your EMR.

Technical support is included with the purchase throughout your subscription.

Monthly Subscription (per user):

Prepaid Annual Subscription (per user)

Product Notes

Dragon Medical One is a Windows OS PC product ONLY.

Dragon Medical One is licensed per user/individual (not per computer). This software may be installed on any number of computers without restriction.

Dragon Medical One does not include a microphone, although your Smart Phone is configurable to become a microphone for DMO. Should you require a microphone, view our selection.

Product Details

Read more about Dragon Medical One here.

PC Specifications

For the best success, ensure your PC meets our specifications.

Schedule Your Implementation Appointment

Book your remote Implementation appointment at your convenience.

  1. Category: “Dragon | Installation”.
  2. Service: “Dragon Medical One Implementation | (1 computer) REMOTE ”.
  3. Time: Choose your time zone, followed by a date and available time.
  4. Provide Information: Enter your name, email, phone, plus other relevant information.
  5. Click [Done].

Additional Dragon Medical One Services

An Advanced Dragon Medical One Training Session is optional:

A customized single two-hour session covers (but is not limited to) any of the following topics:

  • refining your workflow in your EMR,
  • speed editing & correcting,
  • leveraging vocabulary for accuracy, and
  • custom command creation for productivity.