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Olympus DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder Kit

Digital voice recorder, a companion to the AS-9000, offering 48 hours of recording time on a single charge.

Audio files transferred via LAN, email, FTP, and wi-fi.

Product Notes

The ODMS workflow software is a concurrent license and may be installed on multiple computers.

Due to the complexity of the software, we encourage you to contract us for installation & configuration services.

This product is for a digital download — you are sent a license code and download link by separate email.

With advanced features including WiFi technology, a superior noise cancelling system, and enhanced structural integrity, the DS-9500 will simplify your workflow and improve dictation management efficiency. WiFi capability enables you to send dictation immediately to your transcriptionist without a USB cord, docking station, or computer.

Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating and suppress ambient noise in offices, hospitals, cars, airports, and other noisy environments. A triple layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds including breath “pops” and wind vibrations. This ensures superior accuracy and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Encapsulated in a 1.5 – meter (4.9-ft) shockproof body and equipped with an optical slide switch, the DS-9500 is designed to be a strong and dependable workhorse in heavy use environments. Complete with 256 bit AES encryption and device pin lock, the DS-9500 provides trusted security for your most sensitive information.

  • 2.4-Inch Full Colour LCD screen
  • Dual SD and SDHC card slots
  • Durable, precise slide switch controls
  • 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • 3 programmable buttons
  • Slide switch operation

Benefits speech technology benefits & Key Features speech technology key features

WiFi Compatibility and LAN Connector Included

Managing workflow and sending dictation via WiFi accessibility provides increased flexibility and improved efficiency. Pairing with your personal hotspot or office network provides real-time file sharing with your transcriptionist. Status of transcriptions files can easily be checked on the DS-9500.

Full Workflow Integration

Packaged with the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software and compatible with Nuance Dragon voice recognition software, the DS-9500 is designed to become an essential part of any office’s dictation workflow directly out of the box. Support for up to 32 index marks per dictation file makes it easy to locate critical information.

Endless Flexibility

A vast array of functions and accessories, audio codes and indexing options, as well as support for multiple worktypes and users, makes the DS-9500 customizable enough to suit any purpose in any IT environment.

Speech Recognition with Accuracy, Clarity and Noise-Reduction

Intelligent dual microphone technology settings ensure optimization for many different recording environments. For example in a noisy environment such as an airport, use narrow directionality to ensure the voice is accurately captured. For conference rooms with multiple individuals speaking, use a wide directionality setting recording to accurately capture all presenters.

Expandable Storage Capacity

Dual SD and SDHC card slots allow for up to 32GB of total memory. The included 2GB microSD card holds up to approximately 306 hours of recording time in SP mode and 149 hours in QB mode.

Battery Life

A Li-ion battery, rechargeable through your computer’s USB port, allows for up to 9 hours of recording time on a single charge.

Intuitive Controls

A durable, precise slide switch, redesigned playback controls and three programmable function buttons allow for simple, easy device operation.

Multi-function Docking Station

A redesigned docking station recharges the Li-ion battery and allows for hands-free recording, playback and interaction with the ODMS software.

OS Supported

Supports PC (Windows 7, 8.1, and 10) and Mac (OS X 10.10-10.13). The Mac version of the software is not as feature-rich as the PC version. Please contact Dean of Speakeasy Solutions at 604-264-9109 (toll free 1-888-964-9109) ext. 103 to discuss your specific needs.

Organization & Workflow

  • 1-7 programmable voice folders
  • 10 author ID settings
  • 20 work type ID settings

Box Contents package contents

  • DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder
  • microSD card
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (LI-92B)
  • Docking Station (CR-21)
  • AC Adapter (F-5AC AC Adaptor)
  • microUSB Cable (KP-30)
  • Olympus Dictation Management System CD (R7 Dictation Module Software)
  • DSS Player for Mac
  • Carrying Case

Product Information

Additional information

Weight .850 kg
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 10 cm